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Insurance Tip #1:

If you own a trampoline or are thinking of purchasing one, please be aware that most homeowners insurance companies will exclude coverage or even cancel/non-renew your policy due to the frequency of liability claims. If you have insurance through our agency, please notify us if you have a trampoline so that we can try our best to get the proper coverage for your needs.

Insurance Tip #2:

If you have purchased a new roof for your home, please contact our office so that we may place replacement cost coverage on your roof, versus the actual cash value that may currently be on your policy.

Insurance Tip #3:

Do you have a safety deposit box or a fire proof safe? If not, you may want to think about purchasing one to keep your important documents and/or digitized photos in.

Insurance Tip #4:

It's a good idea to take photos of your contents in your home. In case of a loss, you will be required to prove your contents; therefore, photos of your contents will remind you of your belongings.

Insurance Tip #5:

When is the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector? These things often get overlooked so please remember to check them often.